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Cities are changing dynamically. There are more and more inhabitants, businesses and jobs, and consequently also offices. The indicators characterizing the socio-economic situation of cities are not constant, therefore, in cooperation with the local government offices responsible for cooperation with investors, we have developed reports that show in a nutshell the most important macroeconomic data of the largest Polish cities and those concerning the office market.

The below reports that can be used for initial analysis by companies that are considering expansion into new markets, and thus take into account different locations for running their business.


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Together with our partners, we have collected the necessary information on the real estate market as well as the most important facts and figures regarding the investment attractiveness of the largest cities in Poland.

We hope that the collated data will help you make the necessary decisions and contribute to the development of your organization.

Our experts will also be happy to share their experience and knowledge in the real estate market and connect you with specialists in other sectors.

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