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Why are we bringing this up?

Economic development, technological progress, the race of successive corporations, and where is the human being in all this?

Everyday decisions of all of us influence the space around us. Cities evolve, but is it always in the right direction? How should modern cities shape up?

Recognizing the many problems that affect cities is the first step towards their sustainable development. The communities in which we live and the space around us are issues that should be of concern to all of us.

Knight Frank has conducted a global study of 286 of the world’s largest cities. The Active Capital report presents an analysis and assessment of factors in four categories (i.e. green, climate risk, brown, urbanisation pressures), resulting in a ranking of the largest cities in terms of sustainable development and, in particular, their attractiveness to investors.

We would like to present you with the report "The Good Form of the City. Trends that change cities", which addresses the subject of urban planning, challenges that affect both Polish cities and European capitals, as well as presenting good attitudes and solutions. Working on this report was a real pleasure, but some of its conclusions were also painful.

Let reading this publication be the beginning of good changes that we can start together.

The ideal of a modern city

Sustainable urbanism in Poland

Polish cities against the European backdrop

Trends that are changing cities

How does the office sector fit into the new trends?

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